Shaerbear's Faux Fur Jacket x Sainsburys

Saturday, 28 November 2015

... Its no surprise that I do enjoy getting great items when Im out Mi5 shopping lol. Only this time I was only suppose to do a small top-up on the fruit and veg aisle.. but not even thats possible anymore, I still managed to get them thou the fruit and veg that is.. only it was a small shop and I ended up leaving the shop with a Faux Fur jacket for Shaerbear. The only thing was this Jacket was £16 now can you see why this beaut had to be purchased £16 is a great price for a beautiful winter jacket and she has been asking for one since i've been wearing mine a lot more now (mother daughter duo lol). I did actually won't to purchase one from River Island for £45 same colour as mine, but ended up have a mini convo with the ladies about my HMXBALMAIN purchases and ended up walking out the shop with ABSOLUTELY NOTHINNNNG .. this also happens a lot only when I have the mini's and people tell me how good, pretty and cute they are, ohh how looks can be so deceiving lol. I'll leave that for another post thou. links below for all items 

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