Shaerbear and Monstar x Welcome to their World

Saturday, 7 November 2015 this is a short post about Us. Shaerbear (the bear) is a petite adventurous, independent, bookworm little lady who also has a big say  in what she likes, whether it be fashion related or what she would like for breakfast - only thing is she only ever eats Weetabix lol. Whilst Monstar (the star) he is her younger 2 year old brother who is also a go-getter, very chilled - at times lol, a big fan of books and loves to watch films (although he didn't like going to the Cinema and kept asking Us when he was going home- totally confused) but yeah loves everything about cars, bikes and is currently motorbike mad, but love's nothing more than to whined up his sister when she's having her own little time.. together they are everything... welcome The Bear and The Star.. and watch them grow, learn, love and be happy on their mini adventures though life...

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