October Favourites in November - dont shoot x

Sunday, 1 November 2015

.. yes its November but Hey it was Halloween yesterday and that is a favourite day of mine as i don't need to dress up or wear make as I'm scary enough lol, but yes I have a group of pictures of my favourite things from last month.. enjoy x

1. The Zara Bag- this bag is as big as it looks, and for all you mummy's that still have to carry some toddler essentials this is great, it has a an actually bag inside so u can actually just place things in there and chuck things into the other section for easy access.(link here for bag)

2. My Gold & Silver iPhone Cases via Ebay.. now this is overly OVERLY old but I do love them.. seriously thou what don't they go with, my only down fall is I think they block my signal- well in fact that actually do when I'm in my house.. but I still love them.

3.Mac Lipliner -Staunchly Stylish Finally I found what to match it with and I'm kind of glad because it would have been a waste of money otherwise and it is now a lipstick pencil more than a lipliner lol.. will show you soon. Recent Purchases Post

4.Zara puffer coat.. now these have been seen everywhere as they are only £59.99 or £69.99 I can't remember but they are great jackets and can be teamed with everything and I love this as I am currently on Foot Patrol :(. Even though there is a hood I think you would be best to still carry a small umbrella- the hood ain't sexy lol. Other Colours Available 

5. Forever21 v-neck and Crew neck T-shirts, let me get straight to the point these t-shirts are EVERYTHING in my day to day wear. *head bowed hands up* if you see me in a blog post, Insta or out and about believe I'm properly rocking a £3.00 t-shirt they are the perfect t-shirt material like they don't feel starched up to gods lol, sometimes you just want to still show your a female in a t-shirt lol but yes .. I think i'll do a blog on all the colours I own as I have about 6-7 of them

6. Nike Cortez now let me get into this.. these trainers are a must and offspring have actually got me wanted to work there especially as the have but a Offspring Women's section on the 4th Floor in Selfridges Birmingham YESSSS to the maniac that thought that through lol. Although the only problem is they don't get many size 3's in stock - so be quick with your hustle.

Last but not least Music- Rochelle Jordan - Follow me .. it sounds so Aaliyah-ish, I'm back to using Soundcloud as I never find what I'm looking for on Spotify as the UK garage/grime artist I like are not even on there- ANNOYING, but Rochelle Jordan *love heart sign with hands whilst head bopping* Low-key is my Jam *Woiiiii* lol

oh wait my ASOS ankle Boots, how the hell could I forget, these have been my Everything I wish there was another colour like a chocolate brown but yes.. my lovelies are defiantly on my list.

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