November 2015 Favourites

Monday, 30 November 2015

What a month, I think this has been the most up and down month of 2015 - what hasn't happened. So lets have a little chichat lol, my peak of the month was my mini's blog . And although I currently havent finished off all the little tweks to it, nevertheless  im happy with the process and the fact my mini's get me some great pictures lol. The Low of the month, I have failed myself by not putting my whole heart into blogging as Iv been clearing out my whole house and perparing for xmas along with my on going DIY.. Yeap the bedroom.. I should give up but I wake up in this room and its hard to put off. Sooo yeap. Lets get into it lol FAVVVV's :

MAC lipstick and liner combo- as the winter is drawing in I tend to inject more lipstick into my day, proberly because  before I know it its dark outside #winternights. But yes I am currently loving Yash lipstick and Current liner. It makes my lips look Amazeballs lol, seriously I love this combo.

Quick Question: so im no make-up guru but can you still highlight your face to the Gods in the winter?! Like is it time to put the highlighter away or im I still good? Proberly not ahah.

Youtubers im currently loving at the minute. Seriously what tips cant you learn on youtube, so first as I have a few.
Estarelive - this girl has the low down on vendors for hair on aliexpress and her make-up is always on point, I actually learnt how to make a wig (the gingery red looking one in my insta pics) BONUS and to add to that bonus  have I mentioned shes a UK blogger *bow down* lol.
Shameless Maya.. This girl, this girl!! well what doesnt she know about tech gadgets, filming and cameras - WOW, I now religiously watch her videos and even her old ones and shes as funny as hell. Shes taught me a few things.. And more so thanks lol.
Viviannedoesmakeup.. This is kind of a new new one as I have only got into watching her and her funny blogs in the last week although I did watch her and lillypebbles 'blog tips and tricks' back in May of this year and that was also a great eye opener. Love them both and there blogs.
Also cant forget MrsBright .. Patriciabright.. Love her although at one point I couldnt really relate dont know if it was an age thing or just because I just couldn't relate to some of her videos- but it dodnt stop me watching her videos lol (i do that a lot on youtube).

Instagram Favs
Amerzy- a NYorker that doesnt take*insert beeps here here and here* I follow her on insta and snapchat- make-up if always on point along with her shoes (obvs) and clothes although as much as I love them I couldnt buy them as I have nowhere to wear them to - and were in the UK .. It rains, pours, snows, then the sin comes out then hail and wind then its night time - all season in about the first 4hours of your day- its why I wear jeans.. I think lol. Anyways great person to follow and dont be so shocked with her quick tongue. Thats normal .. Well it is to me lol.

Makeupbyshayla... just go look

Well gone off track I so need to get my a video up for post like these. Soo lets get back.

Perfume Perfume.. I can't leave the house without a good scent. Although I have recently be rockin my Marc Jacobs  from my birthday month I am also loving Bottega Veneta - Knot .. Although its only a sample spray I think I definitely need to purchase this it smells amazing. 

#ootd .. Well what do you know its them Dam ASOS jeans again, I have bought so many jeans recently (yes I know whyyyy) but I actually got a chance to buy some levi's I live for Levi's especially when I can get my hand on my size. I would leave the link but im pretty sure you all have it lol. Loving my pretty little things split side top although some coats make it look like im rocking a really trendy apron - seriously hahahah, Topshop Jacket - depop purchase from the sis or my Zara red thick jacket that comes in a hue of colours and as really warm (most use this as my school run coat) but then I also seem to just throw it on with everything. Currently do a wardrobe capsule - you'll see soon lol, teamed with my uggs or asos boots and if the weather is dry defo my nike cortez's - love them.

Hair- I am at the minute currently sporting my natural hair as in natural I mean I havent straighten it and my curls are back .. Well whats slightly left of them, but I have been sporting a wig I made, Oh and my floppy hat *check my instagram* if you have time. I will be doing a review on the hair as I think the quality and price was absolutely great and I have had this hair since april, proberly started to use it more in hmmmmm maybe May or June. So yeah.

MAC Yash and Current Lip combo- this might be me for awhile lol.Also Im setting myself a Huge Task especially with 2 blogs on the go but I am goin to blog thoughout December.. I know what am I thinking and I will also be having a mini xmas give away. So yeah Your free to go if I havent already bored you to leave.x

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