H&M Balmainxhm .. My story

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

So if you follow me on snapchat you will have proberly cottoned onto the fact that I did get a few BalmainxHm items, only I got my items 5days later - YES 5 days later. I did plan on getting things from the collection only to find out the starting size was a size 8 well so it stated when i checked by this time I had gave up. Couldnt even purchase the shoes as I have size 'dollys feet' lol. To be honest I slightly didnt even care as my head was in another place- attending my daughters soon to be school, which ranked higher than Balmainxhm and the open day was great she loved it, so I applied there and then - BONUS. Then as I did the school run I decided to pop to the Bullring only I was only going to get a few Make-Up products or just browse around for things for my mini's, I decided to go into HM forgetting about the Balmain line as I was anoyed at the sizing in both clothes and shoes.. I decided to try on a long bomber coat (only at 5,3 it slightly looked more like a sleeping bag lol) as I was on the fone and tryin on the coat I noticed a Balmain velvet hanger.. Before I knew it there were about 10-20 hangers in between new HM trends, my last words to my bf was 'ermm why is there still Balmainxhm in Bullring H&M store?!.. Although I was still like erm whats the point they never did my size I noticed a few tops and dresses YES DRESSES, trousers and tube top's blouses .. Anyways everything apart from the tube tops even thing else was a size 8,10,12  SHOCK HORROR, heading to the changing rooms.. snapping on the way (spelling mistakes galore) think I was in shock that there was still items left in stock and the fact the items in my hand might not fit me, will my sisters birthday is in 2 days il give it to her- she'll love them-  I actually fitted into a size 8! YEAHHH. Now the Yeahhh was for 2 reasons 1. I could actually say I fitted into a piece of clothing that was a size 8 and 2. I still got a chance to grab a piece of the BalmainxHM *WINNING*  which leaves the question 'what size did everyone get'?!

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