Thursday, 26 November 2015

Yesterday was my worst day with Apple products.. my account got lost in cyberville - I was so Angry I just went to sleep.So this is a little late as my instagram pictures are now a day old :(.. Soo

Yeahhhh, finally got my purchase this time round, thanks to my best friend sings *thats my best friend, thats my best friends* lol. I have loved these since The first release, unfortunately the first time I didnt get to purchase them as - I Forgot. Seriously I can't really believe it myself but then a day before this release a get an insta tag and THESE BABES at 8am Last friday became mine YESSS! They arrived today at 8am, up already eatting my weetabix.

Ohh and I finally got my clothes storage unit up.. Will have a post this week with everything and more for you all X

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