Bang Bang Copenhagen X Mini Melissa .. 1 Panda & 2 Kittens

Monday, 16 November 2015

Bang Bang Copenhagen is something new to me, I didn't know much about this brand until a few months again, although I am 7yrs late with the brand as it has been around since 2008, but Im so glad to have found it now. Shaerbear loves this dress so much, she refused to take it off until she feel asleep- that is her basically saying its a HIT mum and thank you lol. Its such a child brand and I love brands that don't forget that children are still children but also love to express themselves to- love the panda ears and the fact its washing machine friendly. BONUS well that defiantly sold it for me. I have also found some other pieces I would love to get for both The Bear and maybe even something for The Star, currently loving the black swan jumper and the leggings (the arm detail on the jumper is .. just look lol) Also loving the dress and the leggings  *emoji heart eyes*. And then there's  her Mini Melissa Pumps. Absolutely adore these, I love this brand Shaerbear even had the Vivienne Westwood bows for her and her brother's christening 2yrs ago and they smelled of bubblegum .. they still do as well and lets not forget how they are made of rubber so they can get as mess as they want with them, especially if you forget that the party they attended was a paint party- yes these things happen in my life ALOT lol. These kitten pumps come in great packaging as well so will save wrapping them up for christmas  presents, although hers aren't for christmas lol. 
Children Brands that represent a playful and colourful presents will always have a spot in my heart as they are not only thinking about the children and what they get up to in 24hours, but I also like to think they keep in mind the parents/ guardians as lets face it some materials aren't child friendly and restrict movement of a child and pennies to purses.. or wallets.

Tights.. well these were (once again) bought in Birmingham Indoor Market, they had there tags cut out so I'm unsure what brand they are.. I kind of have a feeling what brand it could be.. will be doing a tights/ legging post soon so Dets will defiantly be in that Post.

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