Zara Kids A/W coats

Saturday, 3 October 2015

This was not as easy as I thought if would be.. But it was fun. It was suppose to be a joint shoot but Batman or Monstar as I sometimes call him was not interested in the slightest he has a thing for bikes and motorbikes.. So he was left to play for a while whilst I took pictures of Shaerbear aka The fidget - both my son and daughter have nicknames and I have come to notice which ones they reply to naught or nice.

So it's October - libra season *bow down bitches* lol.

Thought I would give it a go with the childrens fashion as I am forever being asked where most of my childrens clothes are bought. To be honest if you know me I tend to shop in Zara eapecially when I need something more money friendly but I do mix and match most of there clothing and accessories with a few Kiddie friendly Designer piece. No not Gucci , Armarni.. But most Oilily, Catimini, Kenzo, Benetton, Moschino and  anything Bright, Patterned and Printed  with and i try my best to mix with textures.

Shaerbears Style is very much like how I use to dress when I was younger, she has a beautiful petite frame and very delicate looking, she cant wear overly chunky shoes as she will kind of look like a bratz doll lol no shame - Neither can I haha. She has a very big smile that opens you up into a different world and warms your heart, very much a go getter and makes an entrance and she doesnt see it, humble and independent.. Think Narnia when they walk though the wardrobe. I love how she makes everything her own without even knowing how. She even has a slight say in her footwear game, but I give her that (i am a footwear designer, her choice has never not impressed me) as she is wearing them although as long as they are practical and No heel height - we agree lol.

Batman - hes really got his own little trend going on.. The way he underplays his collarless shirts is genius in itself, i love him in jeans, theres something about tracksuits that I dont always agree on and thats Nike and Adidas on babys and toddlers are just a straight NO! As for tracksuits that look like lounge/ street fashion casual then yeah, i also like him in  polo- shirts and coats with big faux fur hoods, windbreakers and overside bombers with Jordans. Thats another thing.. Batman looks great in Nike Jordans more than Converse hes got a little Chunky Funky frame going on.. But i like it . And I do have my eye on a khaki CP Company Goggles jacket with drawstring waist as i think he looks great in parkas and drawstring waist jackets.

So I bought 4 different non school coats from Zara Kids, but you can also use them as School coats - each to there own. You may notice that there are only 3 but i will list the others purchased below. Batman ended up not wanting to participate anymore...he did well thou lol.

so whilst editing i've decided its best to split this post into 3 parts 
 then me ... its going to be a long weekend x

Ugg Boots (last year)- in-store and online

Zara T-shirt

Bag - from Marrakesh

H&M Jeans

Cath Kitson Mini Rucksack- last year present.

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