Shaerbear x H&M's Camel Coloured Faux Suede Dress

Friday, 30 October 2015

.. so I'm on the count down to my childrens blog, although I do need to start picking up some speed on EVERYTHING I want to be  featured on there and a little bit about them lol.. I must admit I do love blogging, I think the task will be taking the pictures of them, I think I'll find it slightly a bit more interesting than my own,  Im not about to quit I love blogging- seriously I actually love it especially as its a great outlet for me my over ticking mind with its 1001 ideas every minute. So lets get to it. I bought this for Shaerbear about 3/4wks ago along with some other things a funky little riders hat with a faux fur pom pom on the top, a cute long sleeve top with a bunny on it and a black sparkle skirt (this was more shaerbear's pick) but it will come in great use for tomorrow as she wants to be a witch with a green face- once again her words not mine lol.
Below Iv teamed the dress with a black polo neck also from h&m's - for the love of basics ey lol. along with some Knee High socks and doc martins. Everything is listed below with links. I absolutely love this look on her and the dress is so easy and go's with other items in her wardrobe. I'll try and do a little team up of other products it also go's with. Anyways thats me, think i've rambling on  enough now.. hope you enjoy the post
don't forget the Childrens Blog Launches on 6th November 2015 X

Footwear Doc Martens

H&M Polo Neck (it actually came in pack of 2)

Knee High Socks... I actually picked them up from Poundland.. yes Poundland

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