OVO - October Favourites x Birthday Presents Pt1

Saturday, 31 October 2015

..right it Saturday and to be honest with you, I'm actually sat down in Starbucks writing this Post - no I'm not a Laptop or anything (I'm saving for a mac book for xmas thou) lol I just wanted a change of scenery before I kick into mum mode- although that never stops regardless of where I am or what Im doing. Iv decided to combine my favourites for this month along with Birthday presents.. I think Ill split up the post for this thou.. as sometimes a long Post on My Boring life and me rambling on.. isn't the best start to anyones Saturday morning. So where going in, hope you are all well thou X

First off the presents...

Skinny Dip London - This brand is Life * hands up, Head bowed* for little quirky things especially as you can match a phone case to a bag.. or get sticker letters to write whatever you want on whatever you've bought for there.. or anywhere for that matter. I think I first noticed skinny-dip in 2012, Jan/Feb as was in love with its funky fresh accessories I mean if your looking to stand out, become a Mermaid, Zoom to Planet Zorg with a Space Pistol or be at one with Unicorns then this is the Lock Spot with overly great prices (and a discount for you students) then this bad boy brand is something to skinny dip into..pun intended.

Marc Jacobs Decadence.. now this is something new as I'm an on/off fan of marc jacobs I really need to look more into what the brand is about, anyways my problem not your lol, this sent left me wanting more and more thought out the day. I first smelt this Perfume in Debenhams whilst on a mini shopping trip with my homeslice *I see you girl* lol (sometimes ratchet for no reason how it goes sometimes lol) But this scent made me actually message the Mr and tell him Iv found this years Birthday Perfume.. seriously it has a sweet but bold smell and leaves it lingering around you hours and hours after use.. Love it - PURCHASE if you what to try something new.

Jelly Belly .. I'm actually eating these whilst typing (Ewww that tasted like cleaning spray) No I haven't physically sprayed cleaning spray into my mouth EVER.. but, you get where I'm going, I refuse to go on with this lol.. so Jelly Belly has been my Favourite sweet from day 1.. these and Frosties (Cola Flavour).. I love the fact that each one actually taste of something different or just wrong as you know. I literally had a bubblegum flavour one a few days ago and I actually forgot it was the sweet and not chewing gum lol.. yes I get to wrapped up in their glory. If you haven't already tried them Im telling you NOW - PURCHASE.

Warren James Ring. This isn't something I stumbled across, my homeslices younger sister had this first and I feel in love with it as soon as I seen it. Its real Silver and looks great on, I have a pic of myself wearing it on Instagram to cute, on that note My Hair Colour.. I will be doing a review on all of that next week.. more of a beauty/hair post than a fashion post.

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