Public Desire Long Boots #outfitoftheday

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Good Afternoon Saturday.. so London Fashion Week started yesterday very inspired (I'm actually watching Holly Fulton catwalk as Im typing).. hopefully I can show you some pieces that have caught my eye a little later. 
Yes I know I have been really absent recently but all of a sudden my custom footwear has recently picked up- like out of nowhere, so Im happy and sad as I haven't been able to put up most post due to me not uploading pictures, but I have been wanting to post this post for the longest: BOOTS! I have been looking for a long pair of over the knee boots for a good minute now, the small problem is (no pun intended) I am only 5ft3 so it's quite hard looking for boots that won't look so ridiculously long that they begin to look like I am a 4 year old child again and sporting my mothers shoes, its not so easy for us petite females sometimes,   not all online trendy shops keep us in mind when they get more customers and followers. Alas Public Desire lol, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I am absolutely loving these Laurel Long Boots they fit just how I would like them. 

Missguided: Skirt

Missguided: long sleeved polo neck 

Public Desire: Long Boots

Fringe Bag: Made by Myself

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