Comes Back Around #fashionforward

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Its always the way, fashion has a great way of showing you that that piece of clothing you purchased online or in-store in 2008/9 is now showing your clothing rail who's the boss...

I dont know if you have ever done this, but I seem to do it a lot! In fact I can't really remember  when I haven't purchased an item and its just left on my clothing rail swinging left to right along with the tag attachment.. FOR YEARS. I'll go out shopping for you know the "new" key pieces and then I end up with a total futuristic piece of fashion that I think will look absolutely great on and will be my key item for that season- then bit by bit the pixals that make the whole picture of me wearing this item day in day out start showing as the actual pixels.. Fuzzy Squares?! How is it possible - I literally visioned  my long slender body draped in this beautiful piece with a great pair of Patrick Cox boots to match, my khaki green long dust coat that soft cashmere light grey polo neck and my totally distressed liquor and poker skinny's (that are looking more hobo than trendy ).. Then I remember the image!(yes i do this a lot) only in my head it's another reality to what I actually look like. Fashion Forward 6/7 years later and that item is now looking like how I wanted it to in 2008/9.

I dont know if It didnt look so great  back then because of the fact I was 1. Studying and didnt really have anywhere nice to wear it too, lets face it who dresses up to be using footwear machinery that is like 6- 7ft tall and compressing the leather around the last like new skin. 2. Im the most indecisive person ever and critic myself  at the worst possible time (mainly when im tryin to come out my bubble like ponyo) or 3. Because I already made it impossible to wear because im a libra and I purchased it in 2 colours they had now my clothing rail is like- they really cant sit here with us.. Urgh!  So Autumn/Winter 2015 is now safe to show the world the item that had no place 5 years back to having a main spot.. Was I, The designer or Brand ahead of time?! Eger to unleash the next step fashion was taking, unaware that it was to early to disturb the dew and crisp fresh winter air with such a filth element piece. *crunches down on toast* yeah, that could be it.

Biker Jacket Miss Selfridges

Dress Warehouse (my 2008/9 purchase)

Ankle Boots ASOS

Bag Zara

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