5 Recent Beauty Products

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

.. I'v literally been doing the MOST in everything, and today I can actually show you 5 off my new beauty items that have been recently purchased. Wait, before I get into this let me tell you a short story: I got called a 'Girly Girly' - aha, no seriously and the reasoning of why, was because I wear make-up when I go out?! Sooo if Im a girly girly because I wear make-up on nights out and believe me I Rarely go ANYWHERE then I'll take that.. I dont and will never have a problem with wearing make-up or not, its just not as serious as people make it out to be.. I LOVE IT.
Back to the purchases.

First of MAC:


Nightmoth - I have been taking my time to purchase this in the Longest Make-Up Purchase History EVER. But now its home. It's to go with my Ruby Roo matte lipstick also by MAC, just to give a deeper dramatic look to my already full lips. I also wanted to use it with Heroine and see how it works out.

Nice 'n' Spicy.. this colour I love on my lips both as a liner and also a lipstick, yes I know it isn't a lipstick but it looks good with nice gloss.

Staunchly Stylish.. kind of not sure on this one, I dislike going to the mac shop sometimes as most of the people working there don't have time for you.. and I'm more than sure this one wasn't the one i picked .. but hey Im sure I'll try and make it work, not as a lip-liner thou lol.

Barry M.. So I love how Superdrug always does an offer on its Barry M products. This time it was buy one get 1 half price. Since I have been meaning to get the Khaki & Soft Grey from the begin of summer and failed EVERYTIME lol. The ballerina pink I have had for a few months now, nothing new but the colour is another in colour you will see a lot of this Autumn/Winter. Seen as these colours where going to make more of an appearance in the A/W, well now was defiantly the time to purchase them. I have also done a swap of the lipliners for the MAC products just.Also if you have any idea - yes I am begin absolutely genuine, please please PLEASE leave a comment on what the Staunchly Stylish liner will go with, all comments more than welcome.

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