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Thursday, 13 August 2015

WOW! weather change or WHAT! like really?! this bipolar weather is making me feel all over the place haha, yesterday was catch a tan weather and today its like don't bother leaving your house useless you really need to and stick a jumper on ... with jeans. I don't even think the Joneses can keep up with the weather in the UK anymore. So guys with the bore of my weather talk- lets face it I am no Weather Woman lol I've decided to do something different and update some of my Everyday/Most worn item of clothing. I was going to lay it out like my OOTD/OOTN but I then thought you will properly never see me if I am not ever taking pics of myself- lets face it I love to take pictures especially as  I don't get to take a lot of pictures when I go out because 1. I forget or 2. I'm left holding the phone/camera.. like seriously come on 'I LIKE PICS TO' or the best one my head gets slightly cut off like Please! your not serious?!- I'm 5ft 3 for crying out loud- hows that even possible ( trust me I don't really get it either) anyways I also like pictures that show all my outfits as well and I don't think giving direction of how to take the picture will go down to well  especially with not so sober friends lol.

So today I took some pictures of my most worn items of clothing and will do this every other week as  lets face it, not everyday I will be dressing up.. well I say this but I do try to wear something dressy-uppy and mix it up with a basic. Thats also another thing most of my clothes on my rail need to be worn.. like tags pulled off and rocked the hell out of them, I just want to try something different and give my style a bit of a change up. I also did a Vlog today- my first every vblog- very intimate as I show you guys around my house, I'm going to edit it and she how it looks and hopefully I get to post it up for you- whilst I cringe at the thought of you all watching me lol. Anyways guys once remember to add me on Snapchat (camille-shaer)and Instagram. Until Next Time x

Zara- Shirt Coat

Trainers- Adidas: Customised (Email

Sleeveless Top H&M

Asos - Ripped Jeans

Bag- Vivienne Westwood

Selfridges- Watch (store purchase)

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