B*@$h don't kill my Vibe.. I'm trying to blog

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

 Ughh! talk about not being able to function properly because you'v woke up in the most shitest mood ever! I don't even know how it happens most of the time, I go to bed feeling fine and wake up feeling like absolute crap and as much as I try to stay on my 'GO-GETTER Vibe.. the critter that made me feel like shit is now whispering sweet crap into my ear... FML I'm trying to blog here!

Camille's World Problems... So Now I have to Own this... here goes

As much as my day or week may feel like its getting the better than me, the hustle doesn't stop- It's far to early to quit now, yes I'm a new fashion blogger and I'm trying to build a brand of my own whilst also being the best mother my children could ask for and a great girlfriend at that. Days like these come and ago in everyones life - JUST DONT STOP NOW, trust me! On days like these try to fuse your motivation and 'Urgh' into your something your blog, or what your aiming for in life career wise or just life goals in general.. just remember there is someone having just as much or even more than a Bad Day than yourself 'Own your Day' take everything thats bugging the hell out of you TODAY and throw it into Your goals.. Theres shit loads of things I do to take my mind off bad day's:

1. Eat every Haribo sweet in all my stash places in my house (sock/underwear draw, ontop of the kids wardrobe,  behind my big mirror in my room.

2. Painting with the children.. literally I clear my living room and cover the whole floor with paper and go mad.. the clean up its a bit Merghh lol but at the time it was great

3. eat ice lollies.. yes I'm a secret foodie 

4. Trend Shopping- literally cyber shopping for new trends.

5 watch your favourite TV Series (Empire, Power, Homicide, is it sad that I haven't watch  The Game of Thrones yet- don't shoot me )lol

6. Re organise my clothing Rail for the change of season or just to eBay/ depop what I don't want.

7 Watch Youtube - mainly hair, make-up and fashion tutorials.

8. Marketing My Businesses- Customising for Trainers (hateharriott)  and Hair Accessories (shaerbearsbows)

9. Dancing round the House to really loud music (I'm a HUGH Garage/Grime and Bassline Fan)

10. Never having to waiting in an EXTREMELY long que for 1 item - perks of shopping online.

11. Playing around with make-up then having to face paint your children face's because thats where this has now lend to..

12. Blog your Heart out .. whether you over do it and create 10 new posted and have them scheduled for the next few days 
13. record yourself and watch it back- you never know you could be the next best youtuber. 

Whatever it is.. just don't let this bad day be the day thats makes you quit and don't put all put your all into watching what others are doing on Social Networking Sites.. be one of them.

Well that has just cheered me up, yes I was having a shitty 'pity me fool' day.. and thought id vent to you guys lol. Hope this is insightful and you can take a little something from it.

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