Monday, 10 August 2015

SO, you may have or not noticed that I haven't really been posting much on my blog but I have actually been doing some bedroom DIY-ing.. remember when I was painting my walls in Brilliant White about 3 months ago lol- i know i know, well nothing much happened after that as I also had the Garden to finish and every other room apart from mine- the untold joys of living on your own-MERH! so now that everything is finally finished or nearly finished I have decided to do a mini Inspiration board of what I would like my new Boudoir to look like. It was actually quite fun (i never really liked to create mood/ inspiration boards whilst at uni or 1-10 list of things I need to do but they always turned out quite well, suppose I'm more of a shower than a teller at times) lol. don't use this against me though hahah. So I'm very into pantone.. simple clean cut colours, very modern with a a touch of old elegance sometimes art deco or sometimes nouveau, so yeah colour combinations like white, greys and maybe black but I defiantly need a good earth colour to bring in the non clinically robot lab look lol and to bring some life into the room, so Green is defiantly needed and a plant at that. I love gold and dark green when the candles are lit it looks i've bought the outside inside and I love to be outside- rain or shine. So below is my Inspiration/Mood Board of what I will like my room to look like. Hopefully I will have some actually pictures of my finished room soon with a clothing/shoe storage post swell, until next Peace Out Beauts x
New bedroom/ boudoir inspo - ikea modern

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