BEAUTY Tips and Tricks: Lemon x Brown Sugar Facial

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Morning Morning Morning.. Why not start of the day with a Beauty Post- Different. So as you all know I am forever on Pintrest, if it isn't home interior it's fashion, hairstyles, how-to's,make-up looks or just a random nosey.. whatever it is, like a school girl in class with her hand in the air..'Present Sir'. 
This time I thought I'd give one of the Beauty D.I.Y's a go : Lemon and Brown Sugar Face Mask, the reason why I decided to Try this was 
1. I like Brown Sugar.
2. I actually love eating lemon.. yes just like how people love eating apples, pears, bananas and all other foods- you really have to try eating a lemon if you can't hack it cut into quarters and sprinkle brown sugar on top.

I thought it would be best do-to this over 7days then I can show you some before and after pictures (only now iv have magical misplaced my 2nd memory card).. Annoying and not cheap! But I will put them up later today. Right, Day 1 -now don't expect a miracle on day one, what I would say is my face felt absolutely gorgeous, to the point I couldn't stop touching it lol (I get like that sometimes) and if I didn't look in the mirror I would think my face was Flawless.. then I looked into the mirror and looking back was reality. But like I said expect no miracles.. but keep goings my face felt great and my skin looked polish still with a few blemishes but meh thats cool.
Day 3.. there was a day 2 but I kind of was just the same as day 1. Day three I noticed I didn't really need to cream my face- like kid you not.. I loved how my face started looking fresh face and dewy.. very impressed. 
Day 5. In love and proud with the fact that I hadn't quit, my skin was feeling its best it has ever felt since before I went University lol, I was using little moisturiser, mainly because I don't like putting make-up on without using Nivea and also because I  don't think I have ever left my house without using moisturiser on my whole body. 
Day 7. D-DAY. Even though I thought I wouldn't carry on using this beauty technique or quoting half-way though. I can say one thing the results have made me carry on using it. I also noticed it made my lips more soft and have less peeling skin on them.. I really suffer with peeling skin on my lips even though I drink water.. not enough but as much as I can take. Basically I don't think I will stop this method. I'ts The One.

oh yeah, I even used it to take make-up of and it was great, sometimes I think I live under a rock when it comes to beauty tips and tricks, I can be so clueless at times. Basically it's because I never really stray away from what works perfectly well for me and that is Nivea and Vaseline aka my all purpose seasoning, multi purpose use- haha. I must admit I will be trying more of these wether they fail or leave me feeling like ta-dah!

Final conclusion .. well i haven't stopped doing it, so thats a good thing I suppose...

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