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Monday, 3 August 2015

So... where do I start with this post Firstly Hello August lol and secondly,well for one we've been having a lot A LOT! of up and down weather recently, and as I am still adding pieces to my never ending "finishing" touches in my bedroom well lets just say I'm kind of lacking space right now, so it seems, and I feel like everything is just BLAHHHH. But its not lol, its just a few changes that need to be done to create something more relaxing and more get up and do. So as much as I promised an Outfit post.. on this occasion I Apologise and I will have one up soon for you guys. Guy's, Guy's Guy's.. what have we here but my 3month splurge purchase, welcome my Aquazzura sandals- gorgeous and they fit like a dream, I actually feel like these were meant to be as they were the last pair on any website in my size then to top it off they were on SALE!  YES GUYS  these beautiful sandals were on sale. 
So I purchased these sandals via TheOutnet and they were the last pair in a size 35.5 and what drawn be to them was the fringe and studded detail also the fact they will instantly dress up any outfit and lets face it I wear A LOT of Jeans - seriously don't even underestimate the power of good jeans,   I do love The Outnet as you can find some great shoes on there, clothes and accessories too but shoes are my weakness so I will always without a doubt look for shoes first  (no I don't need help) what I think I need is more bedrooms lol. It is one of my sneaky shops I seem to always find myself cyber shopping on along with Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion and Farfetch absolutely love Farfetch it is defiantly a website I also spend a few of my time on. Even if your not shopping it's nice to see what is out there colours shapes and design. Also quick question before I go... does anymore go shopping for an outfit but buy the shoes first and then shop around for the clothing and accessories?.. or is that just me?! I'm curious to the fact that my outfit isn't really an outfit if the shoes are not the main point of attraction, well beauts I have officially bored you with my presence today lol, until next time X

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