Tweed X Zara x The Bear

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Good Morning Guy's, so yesterday I finally got to go out, missing my main chick though as she is ill  :(. So you know where this is going, I was on a good schedule, everything was moving in a nice way  and then my scheduled post didn't post- ARGHH, dont you dislike that when everything is going fairly well,
then 'To Good Too Be True' shows face.. well thats exactly what happened, at that point everything just went BLAH.  Sooo back to fashion central, I have currently have been wanting this messenger bag for the longest, to be really honest I actually feel in love with the Chanel bag.. but I have 1 3monthly splurge and that is properly more of a birthday present treat than the 3 monthly splurge treat anyways my love for tweed isn't really anything new, I love Chanel Tweed Jackets, woven fabrics and Oil Paintings (think Moriz Melzer- Bridge-City) so when Zara bought out there version of the bag it was a 'Must Have' purchase the colour is perfect to get ready for A/W, I can actually see this in a lot of my outfit Post (theres the warning beauts). So your properly thinking, 'well what the hell is 'the Bear'?! the bear is Shaerbear my daughters nickname, she actually has two nicknames Shaerbear and the Fidget - I'll get into that another time lol. I actually only seen these online on Friday why I didn't see them before I don't know, but I would have been a fool to pass up on these for her and they are a great go to for her and the fact she has something that matches with me is a great thing to her lol - thats always a question I get asked a lot from Shaerbear if she can get something because I have it (is it a children thing?!) I love how colourful and simple her tweed pumps are as she's only a child after all.  I'll leave all the links below though beauts. Happy Sunday, until next X

Zara Bag

Zara Kids Pumps 

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