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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hey beauts
kind of been absent for a while, to be honest I'm actually allergic to summer - Hayfever! Its funny thou I actually didn't have this Summer 'kill my vibe' allergy till my late teens and then to top it all off it got worst after my first child, like What Fudge is this?! So! It  looks like I get to wear all of my Fifty Thousand circle sunglasses I have lol, seriously its properly why I am so attached to them but hey i'm a verified shopaholic so to you you might think of it as a problem more than a collection lol. So as much as I don't really do make-up but love to try looks that have been created by Vloggers and Pinterest, I decided to do a Junes Favourite Beauty. Roll out the big ones lol. I have also been playing about with my camera more bascially trying to find myself within the pictures I take sometimes they feel so ' who's blog am I on again- oh! Dont think so much into it, if I appreciate the 'Known' it got me to play with the unknown lol. 

MAC Lipliner 'Spice' 
MAC Lipstick 'Sin'
Nivea Face Wipes
Illamasque concelar
Illamasque Blusher
Rimmel 'Brow this Way'

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