Custom Kicks x Adidas Superstar x Ombre Orange

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

citrus vybz

citrus vybz by camilleshaer featuring purple wall art

  Evening Beauts, well its back to the bi-polar weather in the UK hahah, but I do love summer to be honest.. nah I don't lol, I'm more of a autumn- winter person, chunky knits, oversized scarves and pom pom hats but hey its summer lets not screw with your spirits. So I have recently customised another pair of trainer- Im on one lol in a good way and since my theme of the summer is Pink, Yellow and Orange I decided to Ombre my Adidas SuperStar's. I did intend to do this a while ago but go hooked up on the blanc I know I should have properly bought 2 pairs - but I didn't. Hope you like, I will have a style post up for you all tomorrow.

 Absolutely love the contrast of the Trainers against the Green Leaves. Quick 'About me fact' I have a Orange Feature Wall in my Living room haha. Love Orange.

Adidas Superstar
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