Candy Floss x Tweed plus my Fav Jeans

Thursday, 30 July 2015

 Hey Beauts, I know I know.. I'm overly sorry for my non post recently- slight glitch. Lots of mini projects going on but have no fear as it's not really a chatty post today more or a Outfit Post. What I didn't tell you in my last post (or I think I didn't enlighten you with) was the fact I bought 3 pairs of shoes from La Moda (another bargain at £9.99-link below) - you should be use to my cray cray shoe habit now.. but a bit of excitment will be that I have purchased my next designer shoes - Yeap! 3 months and its designer shoe lust time. Anyways until next time beauts, love ya X

Zara- Jeans

New Look- Shirt

(can't find my colour as was bought in store-but here's the pink/gold)

Tiffany&co- charm bracelet.. very old think I was 21 when I got this .. think is the key word lol

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