Beauty Wishlist X Summer Must Haves X Magnitone

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Evening Lovely's,  so I have noticed my Notes App on my iPhone has become deciduously long from all the things I keep adding to it and then not buying because  I keep annoyingly forgetting. And then saying " I'll get it tomorrow' and lets face it Tomorrow can be any day of the week. So I have decided to do what I always do best... Buy Online. iPhone in hand (check)!, 8 tabs open(check)! checkout pages complete (bank slightly feeling hurt) lol - Simples. 
There is one thing I can't wait to try out of my 'Wishlist x Must Have's' it is the Magnitone 'lucitd' (its the bright pink facial exfoliator in the bottom right) I don't think I have found any bad review's on Magnitone and that includes Family and Friends reviews, I have wanted to try this for a long time and thing its about time I gave it the 'Go Ahead'. Let's face it anything that can help keep my face on point and fresh definitely needs it's own space in my bathroom lol, I got the 'Sunshine Yellow' as it will stand out in my bathroom a lot more and it's Summer and  Yellow is a fresh summer colour (which also reminds me of my love for grapefruit and lemons- hmmmm lol. I also decided to get a new Tangle Teezer it was a throw up between the Gold and the Orange and Yellow. I love this product its the only comb/brush that glides straight though my curly fro after it's been washed & conditioned, its a Must Have all the year round, the thing is me and my hair have a love hate relationship, but its all good we understand each other (sometimes lol), and yes the Orange and Yellow one is the one I decided to go for as they are currently the colours I have a thing for this Summer. Until Next Beauts, take care X

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