Zara Wishlist

Monday, 1 June 2015

'Pinch Punch 1st of the Month'. Lol sorry I've been absent beauts, remember them 3 glamorous home projects I had going on (hmm, I know I'm still thinking WHYYY), well 1 out of 3 is 100% complete and in celebration of the back garden being complete I had a BBQ (yes the British weather never failed me)*bows head*. I decided to do a Wishlist Post as I kind of need to hold back on the spending (wrote with serve gritting teeth) don't quit on me to soon though, I still have my some resent pic's that I'll be blogging and posting for you. As I am a huge Zara fan I thought in true blogger form i'd share my Wishlist pieces. I even read an article about going to Spain and buying clothes at fraction of the price via moneysaving. So yes I will be doing this in the next few months and I am actually going to be doing my 1st vlog or not depending on how it turns out lol. Well beauts don't forget to follow me via Instagram especially if you don't find me on here regularly, although I will be setting a time and day schedule for when new post will be up. until next time take care Fashionista's x.



  1. Love the black fringed sandles and the khaki trousers :)
    I never find anything in my local Zara but when I see someone wearing something I want it's ususally a Zara piece!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. its best to buy online, i love shopping online x