Zara Flares x D.I.Y Fur Keyrings

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Wow what a weather change, slightly not shocked thou I mean I do live in the UK lol, hopefully my pictures will change the mood of today. So im kind of tired of the whole skinny jeans at the minute not that they don't go with everything but sometimes change is needed and Zara has some great flares in stock at the moment. Flares are a staple piece in my forever growing wardrobe and right now I'M LOVING THEM!They go great with crop tops and Wedged heels. I'm also the biggest fan of Floral and Paisley Prints ( think Laura Ashley and Oilily- I was forever in these brands) so you can see why my slight obsessing for 'hate to love' has steamed from. Zara has always been my go to High street shop for a great Floral blouse or Top to team with my mass of jeans lol. I also got around to D.I.Y-ing a few Fur key-ring inspired by the Fendi Bag Bugs -as seen everywhere, especially Instagram and on the famous Jenner Sisters. My sister currently asked for a few for the Parklife Festival slightly still feeling bad that I didn't get round to making them for her thou, so i've decided to send her 2 of the ones i've made until I make a few more.
Well beauts take care and enjoy your weekend, until next x

    Blouse ZARA (similar)

Lipstick Ruby Roo MAC

Fur Ball Keyring: made by myself intrested email:

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