D.I.Y x Cropped Sweater

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Evening beauts,  so as I said in my last Post you know the whole trying to save yardy yarr yahh, well I decided to crop my lime sweatshirt I bought from Asos. It was meant to be a oversize light sweater dress to wear with my adidas superstars but it didnt come as oversized as i thought and it was a size 10 (im a size 6) and to be honest I should have taken it back and got a bigger size, but as I was doing my catch up on  Youtube I remember Shirley B Eniang buying a mens sweater to crop, it was in a dark blush pink colour, So thats what I did. I bascially cut about 2 inches above the waist band - and 'Hey Marr. To hide the straight cut I just put it on a quick wash so the material rolled up over the straight edge (kind of wish I didnt cut so far up- freehand for you thou). but yeah my DIY Lime Cropped Sweater 

* Any Household shape scissors 
* ASOS Sweatshirt

Spk soon beauts X

Asos Sweater

Zara Skirt (last year, bargain £5.99)

Jeepers Peepers

Asos Watch

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