DIY: My Red Fringed Bag

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Super Post Thursday.. so Im on a mad mission to create some Great DIY post for you guys, I got this idea from one of my favourite bloggers, I think I will do a Favourite Blogger Post soon. Theres so many though, But yes this idea was from a pair&a spare , this blogger has the best DIY post - to date, and I love a good well written step by step tutorial , I also follow her on Instagram- it could be seen as  stalker mentality lol, but I do enjoy her post and pictures. Anyways I bought half a Suede Red Hide from Ebay about 3-4months ago to make a pair of red shoes as I couldn't find any I wanted and ones in my price budget at the time, don't worry I will be doing a post on them as soon as I complete the sole unit - making footwear is life to me.. moving on because I could talk footwear ALL DAY. So with the remaining Leather I decided to make a Fringed clutch bag I also decided to make a mood board ( flash back to uni-days hahah). I actually do love a good DIY when I have time. Hope you guys are having a good day and if it didn't go to plan, which mine never does don't worry make the most out of tomorrow, until next take care beauts.
red x black x gold

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