Clutches worth Clutching

Saturday, 6 June 2015

When you create a wishlist its usually something you can afford to get.. or not. well it could be if you really wanted it and saved for it but this is defiantly a wishlist of 'In My Dreams' lol. I may have to re-review when money gets this serious I suppose I could look for similar bags within a budget range, spontaneous spending faded a long time ago in my books basically around the time after I finished uni (and no my student loan didn't vanish on designer clothes and accessories that could only be bought with 'A' student loan) Just designer footwear, I was doing a footwear course, and in my defence this wasn't such a bad thing, (seriously it really wasn't lol) I was working whilst studying and most of the footwear brief's where competition's which included winning money along side your  footwear designs being made I did win a few as well, proud moments in my life. This post has actually taken me overly long to type as the sun has vanished (still warm) but my Hay-fever, WELL it takes no prisoners and my eyes are slightly swelling to the point that I may start having to peep though the swollen-ness sounding my eyes. Sorry I do tend to randomly make up words like the dictionary needs more words or it could be my lack of reading books as my dad continuously states EVER-Y-DAY to me! (cheers pop's) he has a point thou. Anyways this Post has slightly-fully moved on. So Anya Hindmarsh has these gorgeous clutch bags you may have seen in fashion week earlier this year and to be honest I have never gotten over how funky and different they were. and as I was a big Hubba-Bubba fan 'even though the chewing gum did turn into a task of chewing it as it went on and on in my mouth, it was like a jaw work-out in there' lol. 

It was Anna Dello Russo I first seen rocking the bag via Instagram during Fashion Week, but its the white clutch with the giant tassel hanging from it that I'm loving at the minute, the fun thing about this now is she has produced a range of stickers that you can use to customise any bag- But wait they aren't cheap but they are made of leather and embossed so you get the full look of a bag created with your own embellishments. 
ps.. the Fendi keyring I threw in the mix as I thought it would look great on one of these clutches.
anyway guys Post 1 of 2 today ( 2day Post on Saturday's) oh and Good Morning beauts. x

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