Stilleto's x A Ballerina

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Evening Beaut's
How was your Tuesday? i'm kind of semi excited about this post. Lol really I am yesterday I purchased some Clip-On Nails from Superdrugs along with the Barry M polish you seen in Yesterday's Post. I have always liked the idea of long nails especially the cat claw or Stilleto style nails, but making footwear and always dealing with leather, well lets just say Clip-on nails or natural long nails are the last thing you take into account,unfortunately. But sometimes its nice to actually have nice long nails, and I've wanted this for a long time coming now. So im going to try them on and brave the first few hours of feeling like im unable to do anything because my nails are to long. I will post pic's on my instagram @milleebug or follow me on Twitter. Also thats another issue, when to go public with your Instagram account? hmm! Spk soon beauts.

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  1. Love this shade! Perfect for this weather we are having at the mo!
    Jennie Emma