Shoes, Shoes, Shoes x Pt1.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Peak! Think i'v wanted to do this post for the longest time ever! Seriously I am absolutely gassed about this Post (oh you didnt know, but yeah im sad like that, allow me thou). I would love to spend days and hours on end researching, travelling, designing and making footwear and purchasing designer shoes 24/7, but i cant, well I can but not as much just yet. So I make sure every 3months I buy a least 1 pair or if I can 2. If I get one pair believe I've  customised 2 high street shoes to what I want them to look like, and no im not rich, my habit is supported by 2 business: shaerbearsbows - little girls hair bobbles and hair accessories and hateharriott- my alter ego and the name of my footwear customising business(colour changing trainers and footwear to whatever I can or what the customer has asked for- funners). Looking at this now (oh gosh) lol, this probably will be that post were people who know me will be laughing whilst reading this and thinking ' you've just shown your madness and how cray you are to the world lol and for the ones getting to know me, they will think I'm slighty 100% weird & cray 'why am I even reading this craziness'. But as the cheshire cat in alice in wonderland said ' you may not notice but im not all there myself' - I live by this quote when it comes to designing footwear! *Hands up head bowed* especially when watching my designs come to life. I still haven't been able to explain the feeling I get from Footwear and why It gets me so hyped, one day thou, one day  it will be mass produced and I will have a whole army walking around with my heart on there soles (pun intended). Until then heres my lair of footwear.. Welcome to Narnia, My Narnia. Spk soon beauts X

My shoe lear can go on forever I will post the rest tomorrow, but these are the ones I where the most right now.. apart form the red ones. they've never been worn- typical me.

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