Shades, Sunnies, Stunners .. My Low down on sunglasses

Friday, 15 May 2015

Hey Beauts, So as I am currently waiting for my online purchases, firstly let me clear a few things up. I always shop online. Like I don't actually remember trying to buy an outfit from a shop anymore- its really sad lol, since I moved out of Manchester its.. Lets just say Manchester shop's are everything to me. Also quick question: do you prefer online shopping or going to your town centre? I really hate carrying my own bags, seriously I always think (when I use to go to town) i'm gettin what I need and then coming straight home think Monopoly - ' Go directly to Jail, DON'T pass Go, DON'T collect £200' not even a food stop, well maybe a Starbucks. But let's face it it never  really did work like that and I end up doing a mammoth shopping trip and I always buy shoe's first (you just can't buy clothes first it just doesn't work like that) then I'm on a mad rush and end up buying clothing, bags, perfume, make-up and before you know it I have a million plastic and paper bags, and NO there is no possible time to delegate differnet things into differnet bags thats just wasting Shopping time, well you can do it - I've done it before, but then you end up shopping more..or is that just me? Then just when you think its really ok it isn't as you haven't  countered in the part of 'where is all this going when I get home' *roll in the thunder and lightning* thats when my bags start to feel like cement is being poured into them- let's face it who's got time for that! Like seriously No. Online shopping *Hands down, head bowed* all the way for me so I'll wait, its cool I can do this #bagfree. So going back to what todays Post is about - Sunglasses.The rule is to have at least  4/5 different styles of sunglasses weather designer or trending styles. Each one plays apart with your outfit's wether it's the style or the colour.

1. Round Frames, they make everything stand out for if your colour blocking or doing an All Black Everything look, these I think are Perfect.
2. Cat-Eye Frames these I think make your look very girly and feminine, think floaty, prints and shapes hard edges and straight lines teamed with a soft edgy curvy cat-eye, makes your look complete. Not forgetting a pair of classic stiletto heels with an oversized clutch.
3. Oversized Frames - im not much of a fan of oversized unless they have a really simple shape or  a retro feel to them,think thick frames & gold accessories.
Mirrored - I think mirrored sunglasses work well if they are Aviators or Wayfarers
tag teamed with an oversized Metalic clutch or fringed bag, playsuits or swimwear wedged sandals or flats.
4. Coloured Frames - They are a must wether they are lucite, neon pink, tortoiseshell, animal printed WHATEVER, they are a summertime fine must have. INVEST NOW.
Below are a few I've been looking at and also have just purchased. You may notice a few of my stunners (Ohh wait is 'Stunner's' even a word *checking dictionary as-I-type*) are either Ray Bans or Jeepers Peepers. I absolutely love Jeepers Peepers and Le Spec Sunglasses, found via ASOS  great price, great quality and they are always on Trend when it comes to what's in style #teamwinning. Well guys I'm off  hope I haven't bored you all with my presence and I hope this post has kind of helped you when buying your next pair of sunglasses.

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