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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Afternoon Beauts, so I know I said I was going to be doing my mini haul on Saturday, but some items didnt arrive till late (and still not here), Then to top it all off my Zara purchases aren't arriving till Tuesday.. But hey its my first haul,im not about to leave this haul till tuesday, so grab some muchies and enjoy the read.

So bascially you all remember me saying I wanted to get my bag collection up as it is very non-existent, bascially I have like  2 bags -Auntie Viv (a name me and my friend use to honour her and her design aspect) aka Vivienne Westwood and a Mango Metallic side bag that I made into a clutch by cutting the strap off. Its quite sad really, and the fact im sharing this with you is also embarrassing lol- moving on. Yes I am a  woman of many shoe's and no bags - sad times. So i decided to make a purchase for a shopper bag, I was thinking I should get black but I always get put off when buying someting in black (is that just me? No)  especially when it comes in like 3 other colour's .. Anywho,I purchased an ASOS tan Leather Shopper Bag, its very thin and light, and I think I might even stud it , hmmm just to give it something, I dont know, let me sleep on it lol.  Oh I forgot i also got some gold temporary tattoos (childhood memorys only not so much of the 2p chewing gum corner shop looking ones). I also decided to buy a pair of sunnies to go with my overly mad love of circle framed sunglasses, cheap and cheerful from Forever21. I purchased some jewellery from whilst there aswell, come on it  caught my eye. 
A bit of good news to finish off, is that I Finally  passed my theory FINALLY lol. Seriously as i've gotten older my brain has obviously just decided to give up and leave me. The was struggle HARD, believe lol,  I was also getting very annoyed with my lack of concentration I had when doing it.. But I  will be doing a blog post  on how to keep focused and how to concentrate when revising. To be honest  if your anything like myself and have had a hard time when it comes to revising and preparing yourself for a test, then the next blog will definitely be for you.
Anyway guys im going to do some more research on lighting, camera's and photograph, speak soon beauts. ✌

 Love these! #summertimefine X

Victoria Secrets: Body Mist

F21 Sunglasses.

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