Lights,Camera.. Action?!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Hey Beauts,
Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend, its only a short post as I am currently learning how to use my Camera, yes guys, I know I know I finally got my camera- imagine that lol. Just trying to figure out how to take the best portrait pictures with the remote device sounding all so Techy today lol, but yeah I did my research, it wasn't not easy but it also wasn't hard. Youtube and bloggers helped me the most mainly by watching videos with/about the camera I wanted to purchase and also looking at the quality of the pictures on blog post I read and follow. So yes I've joined the Canon Camera Crew 'Heyyyy' lol. So  not going to go into it to much today as I still practicing and playing around with it, trying to achieve the best portrait pictures. But if anyone has ANY and I mean ANY great quick tip knowledge on taking pictures using a DSLR with a tripod- help is FULLY NEED HERE PEOPLE. Lol yes all tips & tricks welcome, Spk soon beauts. Xx

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