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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Morning Beauty's thought I would start the day off with an Early post, even though I have a feeling I will be posting again later this afternoon. 
So bascially going to give you a quick look at what products I swear by, seriously I have never stopped buying any of these regardless of price, especially Nivea. Oh and the NuNu's (in non slang term New New's) im trying out. 

Nivea Cream, the blue magic, the blue-print, silk in a blue tub the Goddess of cream, like this is a must purchase especially if you want firm flawless skin and its great after a wax or night bath/shower. I would never not buy this I think I have actually OD on it over the years, I have enough tubs to last a good few month's. Its a must Purchase It!

Macadamia Oil. So as we see there is always a hype or in season trend in a product, flaxseed oil, argon oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera etc ect, but the truth is these natural oils are all good. Until you get that Brand that tries to out do the other with the words: Promotes Hair Growth as it has blah blah blah oils in it, added extra Aloe Vera oil (when the product already has states it 100% Aloe Vera- its a super secret Aloe Vera plant extract your adding to this) Lets face it, if that was true there would be alot of Rupuzel's gracing the earth and there would be no need for hair extensions , exfoliate's or anythin else. But hands down and head bowed - I swear buy this product, it does go on oily and feels thick. But within 10mins it becomes lightweight and looks very shiney and healthy, I mainly use this at Night before I wrap my headscarf. 

Cantu. Now this Product I have been trial and testing for just over a year and I can happily say this is a great product, not to thick or greasy and doesn't leave your hair feeling baked, caked and ready to serve a English Fry-up anytime soon. I have been using this brand on my Daughter and Son's hair (Shock horror im a mum of 2-Unshock) and its great the Cantu conditioner is great on natural hair.

Sally Hansen Pump up lip balm. Not that my lips need to be pumped up or made bigger (really they dont) but this product goes great to use just before putting on  any lipstick, although I do feel the tingling sensation i dont really notice my lips pumping up but they do make them feel soft.

Macadamia Oil (deep repair masque), now this is a NuNu, I though I'd give this a go, I really dont know why as throughout the year's I have noticed if one of my fav bloggers or vloggers haven't  said anything about a product then it doesn't get any sort of play with my money. But hey, thought its a chance to try something different from whats out there. Bascially this hair masque is for Dry and Damaged hair, and as I went Blonde last October for my Birthday (listen lol, the blonde had been in my system for to long, the colour was inspired by Ishateria via Instagram) I thought this would be good to try, although it was slightly damaged my hair was dry from striping my black hair to a sunkissed blonde. This works a treat and the instructions say dont use it more than twice a week. My hair was given life after this product, soft, combable and not that harsh rubbery  dry feeling after it starts to dry.

Nivea  Anti- Perspirant (again, yes I know the love is real for this brand) I swear by this deodorant. It sprays out like a creamy mist and is absolutely soft when on the skin, great after a wax or shave love it! I've used this for a good few years now as I dont really like roll ons and they use to make me come out in a rash when I was in my teen years and havent really gone back to them so I always use a spray, plus I feel like these are more hygienic than a roll-on deodorant.

St Ives Blemish Fighting I got this as I have noticed I have been suffering with a few blemishes on my cheekbones, but this could be also from not drinking enough water, lets face it im getting older water is always need. But what more can I say that hasnt been said about this product. love,love, love this! Oh a little bit is more than enough. Purchase!

Johnson's Baby Oil Gel. I actually started to use this at Uni with my flatmate (who is now my partner in all things spontaneous and embrassing). We first purchased the johnson's Oil Shower wash. They need to bring it back! although slightly dangerous as it also made the shower floor slippery and you could actually injury yourself (believe me this happened to us both.. Or was it just me lol) but this bottle is different it's used after you come out the bath or shower, it's really thick and thats what I love about this oil. It also makes your skin look very healthy and feels soft. I would say to use this after a shower or bath so it soaks into the skin better. 

Another post up later today.

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