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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Evening Beauts, Hows your weekend been? Remember when I did my post a few weeks ago about all the projects I currently had on the go. Well they have now taken over my LIFE! Urgh! In a way im glad things are changing round here but I feel like I need to get my 'Shop On' and quick summer is here and I dont feel like im prepared for it this year. But in my defensive I have Project after Project on the go. So a few months back I randomly came across a website called False Eyelashes ( I alway's come across different websites when shopping online and instagram). Now its really not that unusual for me to purchase from a website I haven't used before, I just always make sure it has a paypal option as It really isn't about having your good hard earned money scammed from you. Well it's safe to say this site got the all clear and I got Free Next Day Delivery (uk based), 10% off and a Discount Code for my next purchase, this site is now my holy grail for eyelashes and the other reason why.. Red Cherry Eyelashes *bobby shurda dance* Now if you are always watching vloggers on Youtube talking about there Red Cherry Lashes and then leaving links to american websites to purchase them waiting a good few days or weeks before you get them, then the wait is over, and the Prices are great and reasonable. They also sell other brands like Ardell, Eylure, Lashes by Samantha from Towie lashes, but I just liked the fact you could get the human hair Red Cherry Whispery Lashes on here as they are forever out of stock. I also purchase bottom lashes to give them a try, i've seen them on Irishcelbelin on Youtube (love her channel- yes I'm a fan lol) she has a video of how to put on lashes for top and bottom.

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