Festival Fashion Season

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Wednesday! yes you read it right, my internet connection decided to go into the dark ages yesterday so here we are with Wednesday on a Thursday, URGH! anyways so beaut's who was your  WCW? I really need to start doing that more on my Instagram (still in the clouds about whether I should go public with Instagram?! Merh!). I suppose my WCW would have to be Teyanna Taylor at the minute as I have feel in love with her album all over again, especially  Broken Heart LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this and it also has my MCM Fabolous what? he's cute thou lol- Google her (she also has a song called 'Google Me').
So its Festival season 'Bring on the Colour, Prints, Headscarves and Pom-Poms lol, seriously thou get colourful guys. Unfortunately as much as I don't want to and No I won't be talking about wellies and rain mac's although they are very essential with the UK weather ( so don't forget them). I've picked up a few bits from ASOS. I alway's start with Asos, then Zara and Misguided. Although my Zara & Misguided packages haven't arrived I am absolutely in love with the pieces I choose from Asos. I am actually more of A/W kind of chick although I do love to play with colour's a lot more in the S/S. The Espadrilles Sandals I purchase I am currently wearing whilst typing this lol - they are OVERLY comfortable, even though slightly wide on my narrow feet, Narrow feet and a size 34.5/35.5 (yes that is a UK 1.5 and 2.5) unfortunately they sold out in the tan in my size but thanks to Zara I was able to pick a pair up from there site. Slighty a bit more expensive than the ASOS (£18)as the Zara sandals are real leather, mustard tone and have a buckle (£39.99) ,  Currently sporting insoles with the ASOS one's until I get on my post machine and re-size the front piece. So as I was thinking about writing today's post I started playing about with a few MAC lipsticks and fort it would be fun to colour block with them why not? Only thing is you can't really blot as then they become one colour- sad times. Well guys sorry but its only a small & simple  post today as I have something more for you later this week. Hope you guy's are keeping well, Love ya x



BARRY M - Acid Yellow

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  1. This makes me wish that I was going to a festival this year! Love the sunnies and pom pom bag xo