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Friday, 8 May 2015

Hey Beauts, *excessive waving*

Im  currently in one of those unbalanced moods (you know them ones where mood swings could happen every 5-10minutes lol,well yeah) Sooo as you all know or may not know I have decided to start blogging. I feel I have alot more to say or show (bare in mind speaking has never been a problem, I dont shut up or I just do facial movements).
But lets get back to Bloglovin. It's bascially 'THE BEST' platform  to follow every blog you read! (Hands Down) the fact it also suggest blogs to you and then you end up stumbling onto more blogs, before you know it you've probably followed more than 100 blogs and your now late for work lol.. Seriously its just Perfect! Especially for blog readers and budding bloggers like myself. 
It also has an iPhone App so you can get your daily dose on the go here
Dont fortget to Follow me on there too Beauts X

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