All in 1 Week

Monday, 11 May 2015

Hey Beaut's, quick question: Have you ever tried to be friends with Monday? well today me, Monday and the UK weather are Friends. Loving everything about the weather today here in Birmingham full sunshine (seriously SUN) and heat! Oh Hell YES to real Vitamin D *puts sunglasses on, heads out quickly just incase it starts snowing, raining or doing both * Birmingham is feeling very summery Today. With that said I thought today would be the perfect time to post my 'Grab & Go's'. It's on days like today I have an excuse to wear sunglasses and carry extra pairs just because I can never make my mind up on which ones look nice with my outfit. So below are a few things I probably use or try to use in a week, I have added in my new nail varnish as this is what im currently wearing, love this colour at the minute, goes so well with my skin tone, random but on that note I am now going to catch up with some youtube vlogger's and blogger's.

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Tom Ford .. More his than mine but hey 

Asos (Similar Pair)

M.A.C Lipstick - Merh

M.A.C Pro Long Lip Liner - Morning Coffee

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