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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Sooo..Hi yeah, im back and kind of not alone. I've  been trying to get back and do this again, i mean i've been writing diary's from such a young age (readable and laughable) but yeah lol,Im here to stay.

Im not going to start of with what I like or what im going to be blogging about as I kind of want to see where this takes me aswell as where it takes anyone reading it. I will say I am a footwear designer (and no I dont just design I can actually make and use footwear machinery). Imagine that ay lol. I will say, I will be doing  fashion hauls as im forever buying footwear and clothes. Hopefully I do want to start getting my handbags wardrobe  up to scratch and have a small collection of  'classics', So you will proberly see most of that start here, then you might see me have a slight obsession with bags for a while. I am currently Depoping and Ebaying items I no long wear or never have worn (life of a shopaholic...  I think) Its really funny thou as im really a basic chick when it comes to dressing, I normally just live in tee's, jeans, heels or trainers- I don't really go anywhere special and intresting for me to try anything different.. But hopefully all this will change along the way, and start attending fashion events or any events for that matter, Anyway im not here to bore you with my presence so until next time Peace Out Beauts x✌🏾️

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