3 projects what am i thinking.. Glam life X

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Afternoon beauts, its been a good few days since last time i wrote. I have bascially started 3 projects all at once.. Dont ask I am also trying to ask myself why i have started this right now, but hey when will i start, if i dont start now- NEVER is the correct answer. So i actually have started to make bedroom plans, I say start, but bascially i actually mean spend money on my bedroom to give it the dreamy look i would like. Funners! I have also give my landlord a kick in the right direction so i get to use the garden this year ( so its in the middle of landscaping progress- HEYYYY lol) and i have also started doing research for my next footwear DIY - think linea lines and Moriz Melzer, cant wait to show you whats in store.
Snow white matte walls.. Cant wait.

.. Bring on the decking and fencing 

...but before all this.. I did my bag research with an old book ive owned for many of moons ' The Goddess Guide'  its kind of helped me with the 'in's and out's of owning bags and what bags I should have in Wardrobe of 'Must haves'. 

So yeah Exciting.. Apart from the fact I didnt keep to it when buying my first 'must have' - mini haul on saturday (can't wait, make sure you are fully snacked & have a large cup of tea or Juice handly for it). Hope you guys are enjoying the weather, its been really nice here. Until next time take care beauts X ✌🏾️Ps.. Sneaky little pic of what will me in my 1st ever min haul .. 

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